imageCurrently sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings working on pharmacology.


Supercross started tonight. And if there’s anything Drew loves more than me, it’s a dirtbike.

Why come to BWW instead of watching it in the comfort of our own home since it’s heckin cold outside?

Because we are cave people and do not have cable or wifi.

Alas, he drug me out of my cozy fuzzy blanket cocoon into blistering winds to sit here while he stares at a tv for a few hours.

I’m okay with that, though.

School starts back Monday. MONDAY PEOPLE. This means I’ll return to my days of staring blankly at 7 textbooks in a complete caffeine overload daze.

Drew is a very passive person. Quiet, reserved, peculiar, non-confrontational.  Absolutely nothing like me. His level of pettiness is pretty close to mine and we have the same terrible sense of humor, but all in all we’re pretty opposite.

I bully him a lot, not to the point of emotional abuse but he definitely gets his fair share of getting picked on by me. He knows I appreciate him though.

I appreciate that he’s not embarrassed of me wearing these awful socks up to my calves in public. That he’s okay with my awfully stinky feet. That he tells me I’m cute when I get out of the shower and my mascara is running down my chin. I appreciate that he takes the dogs out every morning especially when it’s freezing because he knows the cold wind makes my teeth hurt. I appreciate that he loves my son with all of his might and they sing stupid songs and giggle and tap dance on all of my last nerves. I appreciate that he shares food with me because I eat like a baby dinosaur and usually end up getting half of it in my hair or on my shirt, and he still thinks I’m adorable. I appreciate that he lets me drag him to hang out with my friends and make him color coordinate his shirt to match mine when we attend weddings. That he would rather me wear a tshirt and sneakers and a pony tail than be in heels and a dress. I appreciate that he lets me pick the movie every single dang time and shares my love for Mexican food and cookies.

Marriage is hard. 99.98 percent of the time I want to punch him square in the throat because he annoys the tarnation out of me. For instance: LITERALLY 5 MINUTES AGO- I asked him a question, and his response was “what? I can’t hear you when I’m not looking at you.” Excuse me? Did that seriously just come out of your mouth?

I’m okay with doing this with him, even though I could be warm in my bed with my dogs and a carton of ice cream. I’m okay with it because he is okay with doing all of those things for me. And when I go back to zombie mode in a few weeks (that’s a stretch, probably a few days) he will be okay with doing the same for me, whatever that may be.


That’s all my brain has for now. Send your good juju my way for the semester ahead. Summer and all of its humid glory can’t get here soon enough.




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